Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New Bondi

Some new Bondi from Gripping Beast.

I tested a new technique with a brown primer instead of the usual white. I thought I could get some brown leather on these for "free" because of this.
For miniatures with much brown on them this could maybe work. I haven’t decided or evaluated on this technique enough for a final verdict but as the pictures shows it is a possible way of painting.


  1. Looking very good !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Lovely looking figures. I used brown primer on some 15mm Huns a long time ago - it really helped with horses in shades of chestnut in that scale, as well as the mucky humans riding them. I haven't used it on 25mm though...

  3. I still prefer black primer.

    I had a plan to convert up a bunch of Bondi using the Conquest Games Normans and left over GBP heads, but then I heard that GBP has plastic Bondi and unarmored Saxons coming. So I'm waiting to see. Just a rumor, but from a really good source.

    1. I have read that rumor somewhere to and if its true they will get alot of my money...
      Im guessing its all going to be revealed at Salute 2013, If not released earlier.

      My preference is white primer as this will let me paint with waterdeluted colors and thuse making the sculpt work for me and gets a lot of shading for free.