Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Ayyubid dynasty vs Syrian citystate - Lion Rampant AAR

My friend Johan and I had a game of Lion Rampant set in the age of the crusades. As most of the fighting at that time was between local muslim warlords its only fitting to have my Ayyubid forces facing of Johans Syrians.

For the scenario we rolled for taxation..
Abdel Rahim Al Nasir, a Ayyubid commander was sent out to collect the taxes when Ali Derwish a Syrian warlord had intended to make a raid and collect the gathered valuables instead.

The table was set up as a small village with some houses spread over the table, the village was built around a oasis with some vegetation and some small farming fields. Six objectives was set up representing the collection of taxes.

Each force was set up at the short ages of the table.

Syrian force:
Mounted Serjeant with the warlord
2x Mounted Yeomen
2x Foot Serjeants

Egyptian force
2x Mounted Serjeants with bows, one with the commander
2x Mounted Yeomen
2x Foot Yeomen

The Syrian forces seemed surprised that the Egyptians was already at the village, they needed to act fast. Their cavalry archers was sent forward.

The Egyptians moves out, starting with some Turcoman horsearchers.

The Syrian raiding force was now at one of the centre objectives.

Egyptian forces was sent out to capture the taxes from the local market.

They were supported by Abdel Rahim Al Nasir himself with his Mamluk bodyguards.

Having collected the taxes from the market the Ayyubid forces moves backwards using the spearmen to protect them.

On my other flank I pushed forward with a unit of Turcoman horsearchers and a unit of Mamluks.

My commander was now almost alone on his flank, trading arrows with enemy horsearchers.

My Turcoman manages to scare the enemy raiding commander back when he lost some bodyguards from arrows.

I decided to move back with my commander, not wanting to engage half his army on his own. I was pursued by the enemy horsearchers.

Taking some casualties I was forced to flee back, or use a tactical movement as I would like to call it...

I managed to rally the commander.

The enemies was moving into the village.
But it was to late for them, the Egyptian Ayyubid had managed to capture most of the taxes gathered in the village and was moving to a more secure place with all the treasures.

A win for the Ayyubid.
A nice game of Lion Rampant. It really felt like ages since we last played a Crusading game and it was good to bring them to the table again.