Sunday, 17 September 2017

Solar Auxilia reinforcement, Horus Heresy

 The goal to get a 3000pts Solar Auxilia force for the Avarii event in October in Malmö is tugging along.

Here we got the latest batch, a unit of Multilaser Rapiers and a unit of Veletaris storm section with Rotor cannons. Rotor might not be the most optimal weapons to use when facing mostly marines but these are too cool not to include in the army...

Its hard to make out on these pictures but the control board have a small sight with added extra informations painted on the display that I then gave a gloss varnish.

The Sergeant or Prime as is his real rank was given a power axe, because carrying even more heavy equipment is cool...
I painted it black to show that its set on "off" at the moment.
When writing this I noticed that one member fail to show up for the photoshoot and is still resting on the painting table.

The Avarii mobilization will continue... I got heaps of miniatures left to paint, most of them have come a long way but I still got some still on sprues...

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