Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sisters of Battle squad, 40k

I have painted a new squad of Battle Sisters.

In my quest to repaint my old Sisters of Battle collection the turn has now come to these gals.

Its a 10 man squad the Veteran Sisters Superior has a Power Maul and a Combiplasma gun. Im not sure thats the best combo by far but I had apparently converted her to get that back in the days, so it will stay.
I also got a Multimelta and a basic Meltagun in the squad.

The Veteran Sister Superior is missing her backpack but she will have do with out it.

For these pictures I tested a new "photobox" that was made out of a semi transparent trashcan that I had sawn a hole in. Maybe not the best solution but it works and it was easy. I really need to take better pictures of my miniatures and this is a small start.

1 comment:

  1. These figures are stunning! I really like the gritty look.Very good tip with the lightbox.I use boards (kapa) that I place in a corner-position and this works fine for me.I also plan to take my pictures before 12 o´clock because of the lightning from the sun.To finalize my picture I work in Photoshop but Gimp(free program) is also up to the task.I often calibrate the picture using the curves and contrast.