Friday, 18 December 2015

Plastic toy castle?

I got this plastic toy castle from a member of the club. Initialy this looked like a good idea. But now Im not sure.

The size is all wrong and number of windows seems wrong also. The gate is HUGE...

It could be that some of it could be salvaged but now Im thinking that it could very well be that its more work than its worth.
Its probably easier and better to just construct it by my selves in styrophome instead.

Any one got a good idea?


  1. It just looks a bit too big, especially if those are 28mm miniatures I see, that said it free is always nice! It just seems a shame not to use it for something.

  2. Probably not worth the work to get this in any decent gaming-shape.
    It all looks rather odd and the walls of the towers are very thin.
    Nah, give it away to a gaming chum instead. Shows how nice a guy you are and they might struggle with it for a while before giving up and pass it sto someone else :-)

  3. Check out (or any of his other blogs). His November posts have some ideas you migt need.

  4. I will take a different approach to this seeing as you've mentioned styrofoam. Why not use these walls, etc as is & just add in the styrofoam backing, increasing the heights of floor etc as well with some. Sure it will take some time, but you would easily use that time just using Styrofoam & carving out the stone blocks, etc. All great things begin with a first step, the hardest part is taking it.

  5. You could also paint it up and do basic modifications and use it as a 'backdrop' piece rather than have it in table proper

  6. AS Terry wrote. Use styrofoam at the back of the walls to give them some thickness. You might even do some timbered city buildings as if city dwellers built their houses by using the citywalls as a wall. Don't mind covering the windows in the walls as they could be decorations done by the builder. And what knight wouldn't want a huge gate to impress the other lords in the realm ;) and it will make it easier to use in gaming.

  7. I forgot to mention that blogger (Allan Tiddmarsh) have made some cool toys too terrain conversions on his blogs. I guess most of his things can make sense for 28mm if you are creative.

    He has blog posts dating back to 2007 and a lot of blogs. I can recomend looking them trough, both for the storytelling and the terrain-ideas.

  8. Realy big thanks for all the input and ideas. I will have to check out those links Border Prince.