Sunday, 11 March 2018

African hunter-gathers and Paleo Diet: eat or be eaten

I just got the rules of "Paleo Diet, eat or be eaten" from Ganesha Games
I havnt had time to test the rules out yet but flicking trough the pages it looks promising.
Its a prehistoric hunting game using spears, javelins, bows and in some cases fire...

I decided to set this game in Africa to try to reuse some of my "Tribal africa" miniatures.
And as I already have some animals painted up and some unpainted in the leadpile(leadmountain...) it is only good to shave of the top of unpainted miniatures....

But I wanted to have some dedicated prehistoric miniatures for this to so I used some plastic Perry Miniatures Sudanese tribesmen as a base for convertion and gave them bows from Conquest Games plastic Medieval archers as I wanted to have some small game hunters with bows and arrows.