Thursday, 7 June 2018

Dragon teeth tank traps

I made some quick dragon teeth tank traps.

It was a reall quick work but I like the result, atleast for the time it took to make.

Im not sure about the English word for it but I think its callet "peat pots" used for planting seeds.

I cut each container lose and glued it on a mfd base, zenith primed it with black and then white to give it a quick grayish colour and effect. I then glued regular sand on the base and painted it with a colour deluted with much water to let the colourvariation on the natural sand shine through.

Quick, easy and extremly cheap dragon teath tank traps.
I succesful test batch och terrain.

If I make more in the future I think I will spend some more time on the edges between the sand and the tank trapp to look a little better.

I borrowed a friends Imperial Guard models here for scale.

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