Friday, 21 August 2020

Questoris knight house, work in progress pictures for Adeptus Titanicus


I thought it was about time to post some new work in progress pictures of my Adeptus Titanicus: Questoris knight House.
They belong to the noble house of Naryshkin, its the same noble house that rules the Eastern Fringe Trading Company and the military forces of my Solar Auxilia in Horus Heresy, 30k

So since last time I showed them I have added some more knights, given them all sand and scraps on the bases, details and transfers on some of them. Started working with shading and oils on some of them.
Here are some previus pictures of the Knight House, how they looked at an earlier stage.

Besides getting them all up to the same level is to decide on the colours I want on the bases, Im thinking on theming them to a mixture of city and desert.
I will have to ad some more chipping, maybe some streaking effect from rain or dirt, pigmentations and dusting on the legs and bases. Im thinking on adding extra banners and flags that flows in the wind.

Yeah and adding even more knights... I managed to catch another one of those Questoris Knight House starter boxes that are oop and really high value for the content so I probably enough knights for a long time ahead.

But enough rambling, here are why you all came for: the pictures...
Noble House of Naryshkin and a small detachment of Freeblade knights.

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