Saturday, 9 April 2016

Medieval Warfare binder

I thought I should treat myself and while I renewed my subscription of Medieval warfare I also bought an book binder.

It holds 12 copies, and the magazines can easily be read while still attached. I have some leftover magazine that didn't fit but as it is a bimonthly it will take some time before I can justifying to my self to buy another.
The whole bimonthly thing I first thought was a bad thing but I have come to realise that it almost take that much time to get enough free time to actually read the whole magazine.

A little lift from this.


  1. Nice ....I know what you mean about magazines, I subscribe to WArgames Illustrated......but some months I just don't get to read the whole thing. I am even contemplating going digital ?

  2. I have often thought about getting a binder....they seem to be permanently I subscribe to both Ancient and Medieval Warfare as well as WSS, WI and MW. After seeing what they look like here I shall certainly be doing so! Thanks!

  3. Thanks. If it really worth it I don't know, I guess I have to give it some time and see how well I can use it.