Monday, 4 April 2016


I thought it was about time to give an lifesign... My hobby time havnt been what it use to. My little son is getting teath and I have had a lot at work besides all regular things that takes times from painting miniatures.

My gaming club is running an Escalation campaign for 40k to motivate members to get more painted miniatures. I have tagged along with my Death Korps. We started at 500pts and will expand as time goes.

Here are my 500.
HQ Quartermastern
Troops 2x Grenadiers
Fast attack Death riders
Heavy support Quad launcher

There are a lot of work still but things start to look good.

But I havnt forgotten the historical part of the hobby. Here are some work in progress of some plastic Norse archers from Conquest games.


  1. Thanks for sharing i was thinking of getting some of the norman archers they look good !

  2. The Norse archers from Conquest games look really greate !

  3. The Norse Archers are awesome!