Friday, 26 February 2016

Red Box Games Kicktstarter: "Warbands of the Cold North"

Just a small heads up for those interested.
Tre at Red Box Games are running a new Kickstarter, this time to be able to make plastic Norsemen.

Tre is one of my favourite sculptors and I wish him the best of luck with this.

With this kickstarter we plan to fund the production of Fantasy themed warband starter sets for use in skirmish table top gaming. With each warband set containing all the basic elements needed to play a game of any of a variety of popular table top skirmish games. At the outset, each starter box will contain 5 semi modular warrior figures repeated three times per box for a total of 15 miniatures. These figures include 4 weapon and shield warriors and one archer.
  It is my hope to be able to expand the offering in each starter box as the funding allows me to afford more molds. These expanded offerings might include additional troop types for expanded tactical variety or alternate sculpts to replace repeated sculpts for greater variety.
  The first Warband Set offered is Njorning hirdmen set which includes ;12 hirdmen warriors, and 3 huntsmen. Each of the hirdmen is semi modular being fitted for universally interchangeable heads and right hand options. The right hand options included with the set are 2 swords, 2 axes, a mace and a spear repeated three times in the box for a total of 18 weapon options. There are also 6 different head options repeated three times in the box as well for a total of 18 head options. The archer model is fitted only for a modular head.


  1. I like Tre's stuff also, but I'm more than a little skeptical about this one. Plus I was a little disappointed with the last one.

  2. And now it seems that Tre wasnt happy so he canceled the kickstarter.