Saturday, 6 February 2016

DBA one day campaing

Last week we had a one day DBA campaign set in the ancient world.
I rolled highest and was given the option to choose nation first.
So I chose Libyans (blue on the map), I seems to have a thing for dessert tribes with lots of light troops. I would be in a real fight with the far heavier armies of Egypt and Hittites.

We went with the DBA version 2 as we havnt really taken the time to learn the version 3 of the rules yet.
Thomas had done a terrific job again with hidden objectives and things to drive the campaign forward.

The Kanites (White on the map) managed to get free from their oppressor the Egyptians (Yellow) as I managed to kill the Farao in battle and conquer their capital.
But this meant that all the land they had conquered before under the hand of the Egyptians now was truly theirs and they were a force to be reckon with.

 I managed to get 28 points in total and earning me a second place that I was more then happy with.

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