Thursday, 25 January 2018

Dropzone Commander AAR, Shaltari vs Scourge

My friend Erik and I had a small game of Dropzone Commander.
It was ages since I last played at had forgot about all the rules...

We played a small game of 1000pts but with restrictions on only 4 battlegroups.

The river on the table marked the table edge, on the other side was just unimportent jungle...

In the aar here we used red and blue markers for searching buildings, so if you see red and blue markers on the buidlings these are for indicating unsearched buildings for each factions, my markers would be the blue ones.

My Shaltari army is really hard to get a good picture on but this is what I fielded. I wanted to try out the game mechanics with infantry and to see If you can engage heavier opponents with them.
Im well aware that this is far from the most effectice army but I hope that it will give me lots of opportunity to try out certain units or game mechanics.

2x Edens
4x Havens

Coyote with an Elder, Leopard
2x Tarantulas
2x Brave, 2x Brave supported by a Firebird
2x Pungari, 2x Pungari supported by 2x Birdeaters

Pungaris starts to search some buildings as I deploy some Birdeaters anti air cover on a building. In hindsight Im not sure this is legal but it looks cool...
The plan was to have an air denial area with these at a high ground.

My opponent Erik, moves his Scourge

The Scourge player is using the buildings to hide his movement and his troops.
Point taken to the next game...

I just love this Scourge model, the enemy commander.
Its massive, looks brutal and fits perfectly under its transport, its an intergrated part of the model...
Should I ever start Scourge it would be a must to include.

Enemy infantry takes up fire position at the windows and took out one of my Birdeaters without much trouble. Damn... that was a little unexpected, they were a lot tougher then I had anticipated

As I wanted to use all my infantry to the maximum I felt that I needed a forward heavy anchorage possition. And I dropped my heavy walkers rather agressive.

That scary enemy commander moves up...
And my "heavy" forward position gets totally swarmed.. yeah I realize that they were severely lacking in the mission I have given them..
This would be a very costly plan…

My short ranged heavy walker got picked to pieces in no time..

With the enemy pushing right through my "anchorage" like a hot knife through butter my commander was in a bad position...

A lone skimmer gate tries to run the gauntlet to get troops onto an intel point.
In the worst case it would atleast make the enemy commander ocupied a round.
Pushed into a corner the commander starts to fight back...
While the pungaris search through the skyscraper, finding another focal point. The enemy walkers tries to tear down large chunks of concrete from the building in an attempt to destroy the structural integrity of the building and make part of it fall down on my troops.

Enemy infantry have entered the building... Lets see how these small Pungaris are in combat...
I thought I should give them an edge so I played a card.... Yeay... the building is mine, all hail the pungaris... the enemy inflicted a lot of casuallies but they could afford it...

In the end it was a loss for the Shaltaris. I think the Scourge won by something like 13-9 or something.
A score that to be honest did not reflect the gaming table, I felt I had lost at the start of turn two, I managed to catch up some things but it was never enought.
But I have learned a lot. I had forgotten all about the rules but felt that a lot had came back to me at the end of the game. And playing a army with miniatures or tactict that I wanted to try out for the reason of learning them, I am more then happy for a 9-13 result.

It was a fun game and I really hope to start playing more Dropzone Commander in the future, its such a good game.


  1. Game and system looking really great!

  2. Nice job, I have to ask; where did you get those buildings? Gary

    1. Thanks.
      My opponents in this game, Erik have bought them. They are model train building. Im afraid I dont know the scale or the maker. I think he bought some on a trip in Japan, so Im guessing its a scale and brand that can be found there atleast... Sorry I cant help you much on that.