Monday, 30 January 2012

French and indian, Tomahawk and musket

I just got the latest Raid book from Osprey, Tomahawk and musket.

As I just got it I really cant give you more than my first impression about it.
I got it to give inspiration for scenarios to game and I think it will do that just perfect.
It seems to give some back story, some maps of battles or raids and you will get some uniform guides. It also seems to have more color pictures then the standard Osprey publications.



  1. Looks VERY nice, always good to have a uniform guide as well so you don't have to finecomb the entire internet.

    However, if you end up needing additional information for some reason, this page has some decent info on unit formations and where they served during the 7 year war/French Indian War

  2. Thanks for the link Anatoli, Im shure it will come in handy.

  3. Looks a good book. Ill need to pick up a copy of it.