Monday, 16 January 2012

French and Indian war, British forces

The first post in my French and Indian War I wanted to show of my rather small force of British forces.

I intended to use the Black Powder rules. By switching all the ranges from inches to cm I found out that it worked rather nicely in 15mm.

The basing size I have used is one 4cm base of 4men is a tiny unit, 2 bases a small, 3 for a standard and so on. For skirmish formations I have based the miniatures 2 on a 4cm base and used double the amount of bases compare to a line formation, that means the same amount of miniature.

My tiny British force is now up to a officer, 2 standard size line formations, and small and a tiny skirmish formation.

 Handpainted flag.


  1. Great stuff, will you base skirmisher units on single round bases or something?

  2. Thanks Anatoli, I have hade my eyes on your FIW miniatures for some time now... hehe

    The skirmishes are based as in DBA, 2 models to a base. But that looked a little to tiny so I choosed to use multiple small bases to represent a unit.

  3. OK, there is always "This very ground" if you don't think Black Powder will work out for you. Also, later in the spring I will most likely receive an advance copy for review of a new ruleset which could be a minor wargaming revolution. Can't share any details, but I thought about trying it out with my F&IW collection first once it arrives.

  4. Excellent painting Sir!! What figures are they??

  5. Thanks Ray, I was just waiting for you to drop by as I guessed this could be in your interest sphere...
    The miniatures are from Blue Moon but bought through Old Glory.

    But what I didn’t like is that their closer to 18mm and not 15mm… So they mix bad with my other 15mm miniatures…

  6. I bought 1 pack of Blue Moon the French Marines, I thought they fitted in quite well with some of the other ranges. Take a look at my comparison post here.