Wednesday, 18 January 2012

French and Indian War, Frontier Militiamen

I got some more miniatures from my French and Indian war to show here.
Here I got some frontier militiamen. They could be used as either French or British I guess which make them useful in more games.

I intend to use them as skirmishes in my games. And I added a local leader to guide or order them around.
Miniatures from Blue Moon.


  1. Very nicely painted, I like the figure in the green hunting shirt and brown tricorn, very cool!!! Keep 'em coming!!

  2. Part of the fun with F&IW is all the irregular troops. Raiders, skirmishers, villagers protecting their homes from indian attacks etc. Great fun.

    Nice touch with the leader on the round base.

  3. Thanks guys. By basing the leader on round bases it makes him stand out more and is easyer to recognise.