Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Zulu warriors

Zulu warriors

I finished the last Zulu warriors from the plastic box of them that I got.
These last 8 men will form a small warband in my Tribal Africa project using the Hail Caesar rules.

I tried to take pictures of them using a black sweater as background, maybe a little better then the last pictures taken but still not great.

Its hard to take good pictures of dark models I noticed.

With these done all I got at home in the leadpile for this project is some small stuff like animals and terrain and some leftover bits from the Perry plastic box that I couldn´t use.
But that must mean that it would be ok to get me some new toys…

As these have been rather fun to paint and the last game was a blast Im thinking on how I should proceed.
I could strengthen the two tribes I got now or I could get me a new tribe or two.

What I could use is some more characters, maybe some more witchdoctors or holy men to spice up the games.

As this isn´t a 100% accurate project I could introduce historical or fictional characters or tribes dating of some thousands years bc or up until the introduction of firearms and they would all fit in.

Things I have looked at and is considering:

A desert tribe from Gripping beast.
The Clothing and distinct shield design looks good.

Jungle Cannibals from Northstar
Whats not to like? A brand new line, they are cannibals and they got these lovely masks to…

There are lots of options to proceed with this, the question is how?

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