Friday, 8 June 2012

Zulu warband

28mm plastic Zulu warband

My next tribal African warband is finished. An Zulu tribe.

The miniatures are Warlord Games Unmarried warriors.

At first the box seemed a little dull with only four bodies but with the different head and arm options and all the ceremonial extra gear you can really ad a whole lot of variety. A great box.
In the pictures you can see a chieftain and 3 small units of Zulu warriors.

One of units will act as skirmishes equipped with different spears, one unit is equipped with more close combat weapons dressed in full regalia and the last one is a mixed unit with some longer spears and some regalia of ostrich feathers and leopard skins.

Now I can start play test the balance of my two African tribes with painted models and their hopefully different battle tactics with the Hail Caesars rules.

But damn its hard to get good pictures with such a bright background and dark miniatures. The miniatures look all flat and boring.


  1. Nice !

    Looking forward to the AAR:)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Superbes figurines les socles magnifiques, j'espère voir bientôt les Anglais. A bientôt Christian.

  3. Very nice! Great painting and a really good "unit-look". Perhaps a little picture of some african action among that nice terrain you got?

  4. Thanks guys.

    Christian > There will be no Englishmen with cowardly boom sticks or maxim guns. This is a mano a mano projects. Muscle, cunning and pointy sticks is the plan for the day.