Monday, 27 January 2014

Death Korps Assault Brigade: Infantry Platoon

Yes thats right a platoon. Well not a fully manned but still quite impressive. I just got a order from Forgeworld with some more boots on the ground.

By getting the infantry squad pack to the Gorgon transport and a sharp blade and maybe some greenstuff to fill in some damages you are able to make 50 Death Korps of Krieg soldiers out of this kit.

Their current price is at £53.50 and thats make them cheper then say those horrid Cadians. The down side is the somewhat boring pose of the "at ease" soldiers and the lack of officers and special weapons. But as rank fillers this is perfect as they are also quicker to paint, and lets face it as a Imperial guardsmen officer you are going to need as much soldiers thats even possible.

I also got a Tech Priest Enginseer from Forgeworld as the Assault Brigade are able to get one as a advisor in the command squad. Mostly for fun actually, I dont got that high hopes on him.

As I got a Infantry platoon Command squad left in my drawer from my previous order. This latest purchase gives me after some special weapons and officer conversions.

A Infantry platoon with:
Command squad
5x Infantry platoons.

But the question now is how to equip them?
 As a Death korps player I only get 2 special weapons in the command squad and 1 in the regular platoons and with no heavy weapons this leaves a lot of work for the lasguns or bayonets.

Looking at my special weapons I got the regular ones as a standard guardsmen.
Grenade launders, I consider this one the worst of them all. I might be wrong here but I really dont see much point in getting these.
Flamers. Always nice with auto hits when you got BS3. And with rapid fire from the lasguns maybe they could take out a enemy unit. Its a special weapon that adds to the same target as the squad instead of like the meltagun which are meant to deal with another type of enemy.
Plasmaguns, for taking out heavy infantry or wounding large monsters. In the command squad this could be nice as I got two of them and could then theoretical deal a lot of damage, but is it worth it in the standard platoons ? To just have one special weapon?
Meltagun. For taking out vehicles. Always nice to have a good chance to take them out. The down side is the limited range and the fact that my guardsmen comes standard equipped with krak grenades, do I really need that extra bit of short range anti tank power?

My plan at the moment is to give the Command squad 2 plasma guns and the Platoon Commander a plasma pistol.
The regular platoons are to be given a mix of say.. 2 flamers. 2 melta and 1 plasma guns.

But maybe Im thinking wrong here, maybe the command squad should be given 2 flamers and have more plasma guns given to the platoons?

When leaving the special weapons aside I got more options.
First Standard bearers in the platoon, it count as having the unit dealt one more wounds then it actually have in close combat, but with the added cost is it really worth it ?
Vox casters gives me better chance of giving orders but to equip all your platoons with it ads to cost of the army. Same here, is it really worth it ?

Im considering giving the Platoon Commander a power fist, not that he is by any means a combat monster and will probably die horrible at the tiniest enemy but still... its a nice surprise to give some strength 6 hit back.
I can give the Veteran Sergeants (called Wachtmaster in a D Korps army) power swords but that ads a lot of points to give to the whole army. Maybe give some of them power swords just to have a small chance to deal some damage?
I could even give them plasma pistols, but with bs3 thats a lot of points for a slim chance of doing something with the short range.


  1. Nice idea. Hope the damage won't be too great. They don't look overly attached to each other. Are they better resin cast than GW?

  2. Thanks.
    Having started to seperate them I feel secure. This will work out nice.

    The quallity of ForgeWorlds resin and GWs finecast is not the same. I feel that FW stuff is of better quallity.
    Sometimes the resin miniatures are alitle bent (mostly with bigger miniatures or vehicles) but thats nothing a second under the girlfriends hairblower wont fix. Just bend it back in place and let it cool down and harden.