Thursday, 16 January 2014

Death korps of Krieg, inventory

I needed to do an inventory of my Death Korps of Krieg, Assault brigade.
The inventory is needed for a coming mega battle and I find it easier to just put all the miniatures on the floor and take a picture of it and then later look at the picture and start counting when I have the time.

 The man himself, the man to led them all.

Avenger, ground attack airplain.
Super heavy troop transport
Death Rider platoon.
My artillery sisters, Helga, Heidi und Irma

Even through I have bought much of it second hand or on ebay I dont want to know what this have costed. But considering how much money Ive spent on this hobby over the years I think its worth to have an army you really appreciate and thinks look good or have a special style.

The plan now is to count them, glue some of my unassembled miniatures and paint it all in the waiting for more reinforcements...
So in short prepare them as good as I can to the coming mega battles planed for this spring and summer.

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