Thursday, 30 January 2014

D korps vs Necrumunda Drooptroopers

This week I had a game of 40k using my Death Korps Assault Brigade facing a Clan Escher oriented Necromunda force using the Elysian rules.

The game started with his whole army in reserve and the table was all to my picking. A very strange and quietly growing concern fell over the troops, were where the enemy ?
The Commander wasted no time and moved the troops to take ground or take firepositions in cover and arranging firing lines.

Grenadiers moves forward. With an Autocannon team and the Commander inside the building and a Mortar team behind ready for first reports on enemy ground troops

And with thundering noise enemy airpower deepstriked from high orbit. Fortunately for me the first aircraft had some problem and entered the table in the wrong place and facing the wrong direction.

With guns blazing on of the enemy vehicles targeted my junior officer and his command squad gunning down all but him and one of his trusty plasmagunners.

Enemy veterans tried to drop ontopp of the Auto cannon held rooftop but instead landed in a pile of rubble, where they tried to take out a small squad of engineers. This totally failed and they where left unharmed.

More aircraft enters the fray and my autocannon teams taking cover in the forest are under heavy fire.
One enemy drooptrooper squad are sent smashing to the grown due to a deep strike miscalculation and another one takes up positions in a ruin but taking two members as casualties because of the uneven ground.

Enemy scout vehicles enters the table.

 My Auto cannon teams are under heavy fire, with one wounded team still alive.

My grenadiers move forward with one Heavy flamer and two regular flamers, there where no survivors in the enemy held ruin.

My last picture from the game.
His last veteran squad taking cover in some rubble they landed on are surrounded with an angry Officer longing for payback, a Engineer squad with acid gas grenades and upgraded with carcass shells for their shotguns and a Death Rider cavalry squadron closing in.
What happened was that the Engineers took out some enemy with the gas grenade but failed horrible with their shotguns that had two casualties of their own because of unstable ammunitions. The Death Riders took one enemy down with their laspistols. This left one enemy still alive and I ordered a full out charge with all I got. The engineers failed to reach and the Cavalry failed to reach this turn so it was up for my Junior Officer to clear out the pile of rubble with his power sword...

With that his last troop choice was dead, one smashed to the ground, one killed of by flamers from my grenadiers and the last veteran squad dispatched by a sword. This meant that he could no longer secure the objectives that were mine for the taking, the best he could do now was to contest or try to kill all my troops. But we choose to end the game here.

Well that did turn out really good, far better then I first thought.
His lack of template or flamers did have a major thing in this as well as his unfurtune with the insertions of his aircraft and troops.
My Autocannon teams that I thought could take down a air plane or two didn´t do much, armour 12 and only hitting aiplanes on 6:s is good.

Im guessing next time I´ll face this force he will be packing some template weaponry and having more anti infantry weapons in general.


  1. I will be back! With better equipment AND better tactics!
    Thanks for a fun game :)

  2. Nice skirmish! Also a plus for the text about the game that was written very inspirational. :) And to Dr O: Good luck, you will need it in the next battle! ;)