Thursday, 13 February 2014

Quonset huts, from Dust Tactics

I just painted up some Quonset huts from Dust Tactics for my gaming club. A speedpaint so they can be used for this weekends megabattle of 40k.
Not the best paintjob but good enough for "table top" standard. I can always ad more details later on.

I choose to have a red cross marker on one of the huts to sett in apart and add some more colours. Maybe it can be used as an objective in some games or just to have some more variations on the table.
I just love the fact that the doors can be opened.

To show the size I put some of my Death Korps besides them.


  1. Voila du beau travail, la table de jeu va être superbes. A bientôt Christian

  2. Very good work !

    Thanks for a good tip if I ever start gaming future games again.

    1. Thanks, they fit from anything from ww2 to sci-fi.