Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Megabattle IG vs Tyranids

Last weekend we had a mega battle of Warhammer 40k.
The Imperial Guards against Tyranids.

The game was played on three separate gaming table. One table represented the major battle, one table representing under grown and one table representing a moon above the table.

If the Tyranids could pass through the defending Death Korps defending the under grown system they would be free to enter the major gaming table.

The forest moon (of Endor...) had a large radio mast relaying communications and coordinates to an imperial battleship that was thus able to rain orbital bombardment on the main battlefield.
The moonbase would be held by my Imperial force of Death Korps troopers and I was ordered to hold the building for atleast three turns as this was the amount of turns the ammunition for the bombardment would last.
If the imperial forces on the moon was wiped out the Tyranids would then be able to transport their remaining forces via drop pods to the main battle fields.

We had in advance sent in our maximum army list to the organiser and the troops where then given out to different commanders. This would mean that some of your troops where given to another commander but you could be given another instead.

This meant that all the digging monsters would be attacking the under grown complex and all the sneaky Tyranids would be attacking my forest installation and so forth.

So keep an eye out for anything Death Korps in brown and black to get a spot of some of my models.

My starting deployment. Some troops were allowed to be deployed inside the defences and the rest would try to enter and reinforce.

 Initial deployment of the Tyranids

 Imperial deployment.

 Under grown complex with the Death Korps guards deployed and alerted of the Tyranid attack.

"Tyranid Tunneling Team" 

My opponent "Egge" moving his hairless ewoks.

Necromundian Escher Aircav using the Elysian rules enters the fray.
Johan commanding the Aircav was also given command of all our joint aircrafts.

The Tyranid massacred the Guardsmen holding the perimeter. Their is only so much a imperial flash-light can do before they are within clawing distance...
This does not look good for me.

Send forth the cavalry, Im sending in my Death Rider squadron.

My Command Death Rider squad is packing a democharge...
With twelve hits resulting in 3 dead Genestealers Im still not to optimistic at my chances.

But with a charge order hitting two units of Genestealers with two units of Death Riders each things are looking better.
Genestealers are some nasty brutes, even with my one use lances on the charge they are hitting me first.
No matter, I wiped two of his units.

 Escher flying circus.

Just look at all those good looking brown tanks ;)

It looked as all the imperial players at the big gaming table where using mechanised or airborn guardsmen so almost all the boots on the grown manning the trenches where Death Korp guardsmen from my and Daniels collections.

 Lots of shooting dices in front of the bunker.

I just love this picture

Massed artillery. Heavy mortars and Griffon Heavy mortar tanks.

I got fed up with this dude and tried do fill the jungle with fire.
When you are shooting at that sneaky bastard your are only allowed to shot snapfire and that means only hitting on 6s, then he got a cover save of 2+.
I just couldn't kill it.

With the lances all used up and the next wave of Genestealers climbing over the fence things look bleak.

 Imperial reserve forces hits the Tyranids in the flank.

Not a lot of free airspaces.

A death rider squadron decided to charge a heavely bleeding flying Tyranid that had crashed to the grown. But it killed all but one of them when they charged, the last one did manage to kill it and clear out the Tyranid at that spot.

The bigger they are...

Problem solved...
I just gangbanged that foul creature with everything I had at that quarter of the battlefield. He did kill of some guardsmen but I can always get new ones.
What my opponent didn´t know was that my secondary objective was to kill that monster.

Meanwhile the Genestealers managed to tear down the radio building.

The aircav zooms in on the Imperial defences after a heavy flank attack of big monsters entering from reserve and hitting the Imperial guardsmen players hard.

 My poor Helga.

My Grenadiers Storm chimera, looks like it have taken some damege but is still operational.

 My and Daniels Avengers over the battle field.

It was a blast and we even managed to finish the whole game in one day.
Thanks to everyone involved.

Now you all know why its been relatively quiet on this blog, as I have been gearing up for this Megabattle. But with this out of the way the plan was to switch over to historical again.

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