Saturday, 14 March 2015

Azerbaijani swordsmen

Here we have a unit of Azerbaijani swordsmen.

The miniatures are a mixture of Perrys Swordsmen
and converted plastic miniatures, mostly Warlord Games Celts and with some part from Perry miniatures Mahadists and Fireforge Games Steppe Warriors.

I really dont know that much about the Azerbaijani swordsmen but have chosen to represent them as a warband and will use the rules for Ghazi fanatics found in many of the middle eastern armies.
To represent a warband I went with double depth of bases but I only have 3 miniatures per 40x40mm base to keep the numbers to paint down somewhat and to get a more dispersed and non cohesion look in the unit.

Some a newly painted but some are rebased from previously painted miniatures.


  1. Very nice Engel, they look like a rough bunch, I like the dead one as well, adds to the atmoshpere.