Monday, 23 March 2015

Dismounted Mamluk heavy archers.

During this weekend I finished the bases and added the banner for this unit of Mamluk heavy archers.

In the Ayyubid armylist in Hail Caesar you are optioned to take dismounted Mamluks and they count as heavy arches. It would have been nice to have proper heavy close combat infantry instead of archers with armour but that's how the army list is.

What this meant miniature wise is that I felt it was wrong to only use those extremely cool dismounted Mamluks from Perry as these are a little to close combat oriented to get that heavy archer unit feel to it and thus I had to supplement them with some archers with heavy armour from other makers.

So the unit is a mixture of makers to get that varied unit feel to it that I like and I cant remember from where they are from.

The banner is a paper banner that "Eric the Shed" put together. that I printed on regular paper and then painted some gold colour on top to make it pop a little. Big thanks for that Eric.


  1. Nicely done. I like your 'littered' bases.

  2. These are really nice and full of color - well done!!


  3. Lovely looking unit, very nice work Jonas !

  4. They look fantastic, great colors!