Monday, 30 March 2015

Turkoman horse archers, converted plastic models

I bought a box of Fireforge Games Mongol light cavalry and its hard not to like plastic miniatures, especially when kitbashing them with Warlord Games Celts for an added variation. With the kitbashing together with greenstuff  I was able to make a unit of Turkoman horsearchers for my Muslim collection in the era of the crusades.

Im happy with the end result and the unit was both fun to convert and paint up. I tried to keep the colour tones a little more muted compare to some of my Arab units to differentiate them from each others and to make a nice contrast.

I have since I started to convert these noted that Gripping Beast will release plastic light and heavy cavalry for the Muslims and it will be nice to see how I can combine these kits with the Mongols from Fireforge to create even more interesting units.

Please check out the GB coming miniatures in this link (I think its an open page even for those without facebook)

And apparently the box art can be seen on their site now.


  1. They look great particularly like the dynamic poses, I too am looking forward to the GB plastic cavalry.......will be putting them on my list.

  2. Why do your pictures and those Gripping-Beast pictures make me want to suddenly do this wierd alternate Crusader project?

    The ordinary Christian vs. Muslim figures, but painted as The Reuninted Kingdoms and Rohan vs. The Haradrim and The Southrons...

    I blame my re-read of The Silmarillion and The Lord of The Rings...

    Good conversion on the miniatures, by the way...