Sunday, 5 April 2015

Napolenic AAR: French vs Austria

Some time ago, Tobias and I had a game of Black Powder.It feels good to dust of my Frenchies every now and then. Its far to long time in between games.

As the ranges in Black Powder is rather long, if you manages to get a 3order move you could potentially move an unit 36in a turn. Now, that doesnt happen that often but its theoretical possible.
To still be able to play on an standard gaming table we choose to play it short edge vs short edge.
Now in hindsight that may not have been the best of chooses as movement got rather restricted.

It was a nice game non the less even if movement was not the main game winner. 

French commander.

Austrian formed up. 

Austrian Landwehr.

Grentzers in black, Hussars in silver "uniforms" and behind them the Austrian Veteran Grenadiers and behind them an Austrian line infantry in white uniforms.

The first order to the Grenadiers was blundered and the Grenadiers rushed forward end opened up fire on the French.

The battle envelopes.
The French fires their muskets.

A fire duel have opened up and it seems that my two French unit really cant take on one enemy unit. 
I have now managed to move my artillery in position and my line fire again.

Casualties are exchanged, now its time for the Austrians to feel some pain...
Ahh... beautiful, a French line. 

With the combines fire of my artillery, light infantry unit and two line units, I finally managed to brake an Austrian line unit. 

This just made his small unit of Austrian Hussars mad and a opening in my line let him charge my light infantry. My only real option was to stand and fire as charge reaction .
I really dont know how this happened but my light infantry somehow managed to defeat his hussars in close combat and they were driven of. 

In the end his Grenadiers had enough and the rest of the Austrians had enough.
A victory to the French. Huzza!

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  1. Sounds like a good game...and a French victory is always nice to see for a French player!