Monday, 13 April 2015

Egyptian levy archers

I thought I needed some more levy troops, I have here mustered the village folks for some ranged combat.

With the addition of the extra shields these are meant to counts as medium levy archers.

The miniatures are a mixture of different makers and I have added extra weapons and shields to make them look a little heavier then my light infantry archers.

As these are just levy archers I didn´t want them to look to fancy so I tried to keep the colours down and left much of the details I usually adds to my units. For levy troops this us just good, it will make the other units pop even more.

I noticed that I had painted two miniatures to much for the 16 strong units we use as a "standard size" in Hail Caesar, these two will join another unit, eather act as rank fillers or when I have collectet enought spare miniatures make up a unit of their own.