Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Blood Rage Kickstarter

Dammit, Im in.

Its hard to resist Vikings and Trolls...



  1. Same here. My Vikings will likely end up with some fantasy allies.

  2. Replies
    1. Yea I'm thinking the monsters and human figs will make some very nice looking god/champion type figures to lead the humans of Midgard.

  3. One more reason for my planned "Medieval" Scandinavian army being Vikings. (Altough you and Dalauppror do a really good job at making both the Scandinavian High Middle Ages and the end of the Union of Kalmar seem just tempting... )

  4. It was not nice of you to post this ;) ...forced me to get in to it... to to get a start for my own Skägglavefantasy project... I been looking in envy on your project and it will be nice to get some John Bauer Viking figthing up on the gaming table... will need some advice about this, but that will be during the autim...long wait...

    1. Feels like a long wait indeed.
      But maybe it will give us time to finnish all other projects... yeah I know... not likely...

      Great that you took the step into the world of "Skägglavsfantasy" its sutch and interesting world but its rather lonely at the moment. There are some others that have stepped into that direction but i have yet to see a full fledged collection of Norsmen, Trolls, monsters and Asars and Vaners...