Thursday, 30 June 2016

Vikinga här

Its time for some new army pictures, this time its my Vikinga collection.

Bare in mind here that the painting standard is somewhat mixed, I have changed how I paint some things since I first started and its with mixed feelings I can say that I have raised the standard of my miniatures since the first one painted. The raised painting standard makes the first one look like crap, but they are hopefully hidden away in the sheer volume of troops...

In Hail Caesar this would translate roughly to:

5x units of Hirdmen
1 small unit of veteran ex. Varangian Guards
5x units of Bondi
1 small unit of Bondi
1 small unit of Thrals with javelins
1 small unit of Bondi light infantry archers
1 small unit of Drengr skirmishers
1 small unit of Drengr skirmishers with slings
1 unit of Bondi with bows
1 small unit of Ulfhednar
some traders and some kids
4 Norse chieftains
some Pagan priest/ advisors and a Bard
some Einhärjar/Valkyria type of Shieldmaidens
1 small unit of Christian priests and some wounds markers.
1 small unit of Ryttare

One of the reasons I made this inventory is to get a picture of what I got. 
But also because that I have thought about rebasing my Norsemen into Michael "Dalauppror"s 1-2-3 baseing method.
Seeing this whole collection in one place makes me really rethink that idea... That could take ages...
But the miniatures sure could use some love by now, some missing shields, arms, weapons and heads, besides the extra layer of shading or highlight some of these badly needs so I really dont know... Rebaseing them could be a way of working my way trough the collection.

Ohh and the regular questing when it come to my army pictures... What am I missing ?
The army maybe could use some mounted types of scouts. A bigger command base, like 60 or 80mm multibased one with a chieftain and his bodyguard to really make him stand out.


  1. Nice looking Vikings and certainly imprssive when shown like this

  2. Great collection..... I suspect your crap is still pretty good so a tiny retouch would probably be fine😀

  3. Impressive collection indeed !