Thursday, 16 June 2016

Medieval army, an inventory

Time for a new army picture...

I needed to do an inventory of my collection on medieval Westerners for an upcoming Crusader battle and why not share some pictures of it for you guys to. I did this so I could get a grip on what I could potentially muster in next game.

What you can see here in Hail Caesar terms are:

4 units of Medium infantry with mixed archers.
3 units of Medium infantry Crossbowmen
1 small unit of Medium infantry
1 small unit of Heavy infantry
1 unit of Fräsle till fots (dismounted knights)
1 small unit of light infantry archers
2 Command stands
1 unit of Frälse (knights)
1 unit of German knights
1 unit of light infantry Archers
1 small unit of Crusader Veterans
1 small unit of Svennar (Medium Cavalry)
1 small unit of Beridna skyttar (Medium cavalry with crossbows)

 And I just love seeing painted miniature all together like this. Hope this can inspire more people to spread out their collections... I want to see them


  1. That's awesome. Great to see a collection as fine as this on display. cheers

  2. One day, I want something like that :)

  3. Great looking you get a nice warm feeling when you get them all out together. A great effort😀

  4. Thanks.
    Matt》Yeah, it really does. I plan to make this sort of inventory for mutch of my miniature collections in the near future.

  5. That's an impressive force you have amassed there. Great to see them altogether like that.