Thursday, 16 June 2016

Saracen army, inventory

Next up in my inventory plan is my Saracen forces.

This is a massive army but I got loots of loots of ideas on future units. This seems to be a collection that can always grow, their are juts that many types of units, factions and different types of mercenaries to add....

The pictures looks somewhat flat because of bad light, I could have wished for better sunlight today.

In Hail Caesar I would count these as:

2x Mamluk heavy cav
Mamluk heavy cavalry archers
2x Arab, Bedouin ,Berber or Kurdish Heavy cav
Cataphract Camel Guards
Turkic Ghulams
4x Turcoman horse archers
3x Arab, Bedouin, Berber or Sudanese light cavalry
Dismounted Mamluk Heavy infantry Archers
Sudanese spearmen
2x Sudanese mixed rank spearmen
small unit of Sudanese mixed rank spearmen
Sudanese bowmen
3x City militia, Syrian spearmen, levy
Syrian medium infantry archers
Light infantry archers
small unit of Turcoman infantry archers
6x African javelin skirmishers
small unit of Naphta throwers
small unit of Workforce
Azerbaijani swordsmen

But If you see some units missing that I really should add please do tell.


  1. Really impressive....I think I need to do some inventory photos😀

  2. Thanks Matt, and yeah you should. All miniatures looks even better with their friends around.