Monday, 4 July 2016

Crusades AAR part 2

Here are part two of our Crusade megabattle, using Hail Caesar as rules.

Firts part is here:

The Crusaders had pushed hard with their cavalry in the centre, their infantry on their flank have had more problem making real work.
My Sudanese brigade on our Left flank had done an tremendous work with their lighter skirmishers engaging them with javelins and basicly just tying them down and hindering them from making advances. As they were so much stronger then us here this was just perfect. On our Right flank my Turkic brigade had engaged their cavalry trying to take out their faster moving troops giving all my Turcoman horse archers an easier day.

 The knights having just about crushed all before them.

 Naptha trowers and light cav with javalins trying to use the hill as some sort of cover.

African skirmishers trying to get into their lines.

Turcomans charged the Hospitalers making them turn to face, giving the Saracen medium cavalry far better ods combating those black monsters...

Turcic Right flank. Heavy cavalry with Turcoman horse archers and light infantry archers.

Danish infantry moves forwards...
Crusader infantry... thats a lot of enemies...

The battlefield starting to get really messy. Atleast we have managed to swing up on enemy centre.

In the Centre their heavy knights had made an large hole in our lines and we where franticly trying to fix that.

I think that in the end their knights overstretched them self and ended up surrounded. With casualties mounted on each side with brigades finally braking it was a tight game but it ended as an Saracen victory, just but still a victory...