Sunday, 17 July 2016

French knights

Here are the first six of my French knights seen previously in an wip stage glued together and greenstuffed at:

As the weather was somewhat good today I took some outdoors pictures. The light is so much better and it shows the details on the miniatures more in that way.

The miniatures are from Fireforge games but with some bits from other sources and as I mentioned some greenstuff for further variations.
Some of the heraldry on the knights is historical and some are just made up, reasoning that their must be countless numbers of noblemen that did not make it into the history books.


  1. What technique do you use to get such perfect lines on the shields and barding??

  2. Thanks.
    Rogvaldas> Nothing special I guess. But I have to go back and tidying it up. Its not just one brushstroke.