Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Alver mot vättar, Dragons Rampant AAR

My friend Johan and I had another great game of Dragons Rampants some weeks ago but I havnt had time to write up an AAR for it before now.

My Goblin warband would again be pitted against his Elves.

Im not totally sure about his armylist but it was something like:
Álfen lord - Elite Foot* with Fleet footed, single model
Álfen archers - Light Archers, Sharpshooter, Fleet footet, reduced models
Álfen spearmen - Light Foot, Fleet footed, reduced models
Álfen sorceress - Scout, single model
2x Wisps - Ravenous horde

My Vätte warband consisted of:
Vätte leader accompanied with Vättar - Light foot, Mixed weapons, Fearful
- Light foot, Mixed weapons, Fearful
2x Vätte trackers - Scouts
Vätte bärsärkar - Bellicose foot
Trolls - Heavy foot, Offensive, reduced models
Bear - Lesser warbeast, single model

The Àlven archers takes up position on top on some rocky ground, giving them a good view of the approaching Vättars.
I tried to approach them all along my front, so even if they would sent one of my units running I would still have more to send.

The combined shooting of lots of small arrows started to inflict cassualties on the Àlf archers and finnaly made them brake.

The troll brothers "sneaks" forwards...

My bear managed to catch the Àlfen light foot of guards.

Driving them back with casualties.

I tried to swarm the Àlfen lord with my Boneback berserkers, they inflicted some damage but lost the fight and started to retreat.

I tried to take out the lord with arrows, but he would not die.

Instead the enemy sorceress took out some of my leaders guards, making the leader and his guards retreat.

A couple of turns later my leaders unit was still running back but was still in the game..

I got a good round of shooting with my trackers, inflicting five wounds and the wisp broke.

In the final battle the trolls had manage to catch up with that monster and thoroughly smashed him to the ground...

A nice ending to a great game.