Monday, 28 November 2016

Vättar mot Aelfer

This saturday my friend Johan and I managed to play two games of Dragon Rampant. I would be fielding my Vättar and Johan would field his Elves.

In the first scenario the Elves had stoles something valuable from the Vätte mine but the Vättar are closing in. The Elves needed to bring the item of the opposite table edge to win.

The Bonebacks use the cover of the big threes to advance.

On the other side the forces are closing in.

My Vättar use the small forest as cover as the place is suddenly swarmed by Aelves.

My big bear charges in to a unit of light infantry and wins that combat. But that makes him a prime target for the deadly elven archers.

But my friend was extremely unlucky and the elven archers didnt react fast enough and that big angry bear was up close and personal...

The bear took two wounds but the elven archers took more... Forcing them to flee.

In the meantime all my scouts was peppering the elves from all sides inflicting a casualtie here and there that would add up in the end.

The bear would continue to assault the elves but this time he had bitten more then he could chew and was put down.
I later moved backwards with my light infantry, trying to keep my distance from the aelf lord and his bodyguard. All in the meantime peppering the elves with small range arrow fire.
The Aelf lord deemed it not worth continuing and the Vättar managed to retrieve their treasure.

Game two that night. One of the Aelves was carrying a magical ring and the Vätte boss wanted it...
The problem was that I had no idea who...

The Aelves are up for a good start.

But so are the Vättar.

I send in the scouts to start harassing the aelves. 

The Aelf lord had used the big trees as cover and advanced out on the other side. I had the Trolls and my Bonebacks to try to stop him...
He charged my Bonebacks and I counter-charged. Both units are pushed back.

Now I had a conundrum...
All that was left of the Aelf force by now because of all my light archery was the Aelf lord and the Aelf mage.
The scenario dictates that when the warband carrying the ring are down to one unit the ring would explode and the game would count as a draw. And as I have failed to find the ring one of the two units left must be carrying it...
The problem is I have no idea who....
The bear wild charges into the mage... brutally smacks those puny aelves... That unit is destroyed. That meant that I really had no option in guessing who was carrying the ring, the wild charging bear took that decision by him self...
And she was the one carrying the ring... The Vättar had found the ring.

Had I instead destroyed the Aelf lord the ring had felt it was in the last unit and that wound make the game end in a draw.

I think Johan have some thoughts about lucky dice rolls after these games...


  1. Excellent looking report! Great fantasy climate.
    I must to try Dragon Rampant.

    1. You really should, excellent, fun and easy set of rules.

  2. Greate looking terrain! Love your Vättar, exelent paintwork !