Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Imperials vs Tyranid Cult, 40k AAR

Last week we had a game of warhammer 40k.

My Death Korps was teamed up with a Death watch and Vostroyans force against a Tyranid Cult with armoured support in the form of a force consisting almost entirely of armour.

Imperial deployment.

Armoured forces, most of the Cult part would be reinforce later.

The Imperial forces advance.
My Thunders move at top speed discharging their smoke launchers to give them additional cover. And that was a good choice as enemy fire and bombardment starts to pour down on them.

 The Thunderers are still alive, battered but still alive.

Death watch are now inside enemy deploymentzone, lone but still their.

The Cult arrives from nowhere...

Cult forces attack out of nowhere and manages to make enough damage on one of the Thunderers so the damage spill over to the next.
Destroying  them both out of nowhere... Damn that was scary...

The mighty Imperial airforce is inbound. But fails to make much of an impact.

The Avengers drops all its bombs an manage to take out some Genestealers as it passes by but the Cult player had made an excellent work on spreading them out and saved much of the unit by this.

I managed to almost gun down one of the Cult units. A lone enemy officer is all that is left. Good riddance I say...
He would later charge in and destroy them all in close combat. :(

My Chimera is taken out after A LOT of bombardments... This is what the Imperial arms industry can make, steel and armour almost invincible...
The surviving Grenadiers takes shelter in the ruins. The Genestealers charges in, I manages to take some out with defensive fire but that was not enough and they are all slaughtered.

My Hades breaching drill finally enters the table but misses its intended targets.

I had made the mistake and moved one of my Chimera forwards and didnt hold one of the objectives when we decided to call it a day. It was late at night and I had lost focus long time ago...

A slight victory for the Cult forces with the result of 14-16 but it went far better then first thoughts when I saw what the enemies were fielding.