Friday, 17 November 2017

Alpha Legion Reconnaissance squad, wip

Late last night I took these pictures of my Alpha Legion recon squad.
They are equiped with power armour, bolt pistol, close combat weapons and are carrying all the grenades they can.
The sergeant has a artificer armour, power fist, power dagger and just becasue the sergeant in a recon squad can I gave him a shotgun also.
The bits are from all over the place but I found a bits trader that sold some of those new Primaris marines blades so some of the weapons are from there.

The plan is to have them infiltrate and scout up reall close to the enemy in heavy terrain. Hopefully that will give them protection from enemy fire and assaults the first turn. If they are assaulted they are equiped with shroud bombs that work as defensive grenades that will give me better odds. If I choose the counter attack rules for my Alpha Legion this will further give them an edge.

If they survive the first turn they are up close and personal and with can then hopefully engage enemy squads to my liking turn two. Taking out vehicles with melta bombs or lighter infantry with close combat weapons.

Reconnaissance marines got the option to get a Storm Eagle transport as dedicated transport meaning they can fly onto the battlefield and with the assault ramp special rule I can more or less just point at a vehicle and take it out with lots of melta bombs...
Thats the plan at least. In reality I think they are far to expensive for what they can do and all these tactics will hardly work in practice.
But they look cool and I like the image of Alpha Legion reconnaissance marines far ahead of the main forces taking out key objectives and important enemy units.

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