Thursday, 2 November 2017

Avarii VII game 5, Solar Auxilia vs Mechanicum and Dark Angels allies

The fifth and final battle from Avarii I would be facing Jon Anderssons Mechanicum with Dark Angels allies.
I never met Mechanicum before so this could be interesting.

I survived his initial fire and was able to retaliate.

I had a really good first turn and was able to take out or disable some dangerous tanks from him.

But from turn two and onwards I wasn't able to do anything.

Even when I had opened up a perfect fire position for my Infernus it was nowhere near what I needed to inflict in terms of casualties. With multiple wounds and feel no pain they could shrug of most of the damage I inflicted. Even if I had inflicted 5 wounds on a 5 man unit it would just had resulted in one casualty and one wounded enemy. My men was under equipped for this enemy.

Man, those Thalaxes are nasty with Toughness 5 and 3 wounds. I sure could have needed more Medusas... But lacking that it wasnt much I could do. Even when I managed to inflict casualties it mostly wasn't enough, there were plenty of enemies left. My poor strength 3 toughness 3 guys were totally outmatched in this game.
Leaving the safety of my deployment area and the protection it offered was not something I felt I could do. I tried to do it with both my Dracosans but they didnt come very far... And running against those big robots on foot didnt felt like a good idea to keep my men alive.
In hindsight I somehow should have done that anyway. If all my men would die they could as well die in no-mans land as dying in my trenches.
From turn two and onwards I felt it was nothing could do.

But in the end it was a interesting game and I tried not to give up after turn two, and atleast put up a token of resistance.
Big thanks to Jon for the game and for teaching me the way of getting crushed by big metalic monsters. :D

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