Friday, 7 October 2011

Hell Dorado

Hell Dorado

” Before our armies went down through the river, and before the crowned heads of Europe launched this unstoppable charge into horror, Hell was only what our fears made it: a continent whose boundaries were drawn by the vividness of our nightmares, the ghost of an eternity of blood and pain. Hell had always been the greatest threats, brandished in the face of sinful souls just as heaven had always been promised to the good and pure…”

The miniature game of Hell Dorado is set in the war torn world of the 30years war. A great massacre of people in the town of Magdeburg leads to an opening of a portal to hell. The warring nations slowly start to understand what they have stumbled upon and a temporary truce is formed in the new settlement of New Jerusalem, the first European settlement in hell.

But this is no empty land, and others have been here before and the demon lords of hell is not fond of the newly arrivals. But the multi factional demon lords which has been at war with each other since the dawn of time has problem uniting in a common course to drive the Europeans out. They rather use this opportunity and try to trick the Europeans against their foes and old rivals.

Because of this a foothold is secured.
The newly arrivals tip the fragile balance and all hell brakes lose.
Some of the former slaves of the demon lords rebel, and the Ottomans are worried by this motion as they have travelled the lands of hell long before the Europeans and starts to muster in strength to face this new threat.
This is the world of Hell Dorado.

When I first laid my eyes on the first Hell Dorado miniature I was spell bound. They are gorgeous. I recently bought the rulebook, I don’t know if I will actually ever start to play the game but if the rules are anything like the models I knew I would be happy.

The rulebook is nicely written and I had a hard time not to keep reading the stories in it. 
Unfortunately I haven’t playtested it yet but by only reading it, it looks good.

I can recommend it just to have and look at all the pretty pictures if nothing else.

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  1. Thanks for the info about Hell Dorado, very temting, looks like a realy nice rule book, pleas some more info about the rules...and maybe a AAR from your frist game, to come.

    Best regards Dalauppror