Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Växjö miniconvent


A weekend not long ago we had a little mini-convention at our club. We tried to show off some of the lesser played and obscured games at the club.  Its not all warhammer -40k –fantasy. 
We used this day as a small promotion day for lesser known games.
I used this day to show of my painted Napoleonic’s, some of my DBA collection and as a debuted for playtesting my Treemoss fantasy project (more on that later).

Erik held some demo games with my DBA armies.

Daniel showing his Trafalgar stuff and held a demo game.

Tobias showing his newly painted Americans in winter cammo ready to take on the Huns at Battle of the Bulge.

Dino showing some of his 28mm ww2 Americans, Russian Napoleonic’s and some 15mm Germans.

All pictures stolen/borrowed from Tobias as I forgot to bring along the memory card to my camera...


  1. Looking very nice, good pictures.

    the DBA games give one some flachbacks.

    Please more about the Treemoss fantasy project, pictures, AAR and some notes about the rules you used.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Whish I could have been there, very nice painting all of you!

  3. Lots and lots of pictures and more on the Skägglavs fantasy game another day, stay tune.