Friday, 17 August 2012

New books

This summer I have read a lot of books and it was time to replenish the stash.
The lot fell on these two.

The Varangian Guards. I have always been a little interested by the Varangians. Originally Scandinavians taking a oath to the ruler of Miklagård (The Great City or the City of Michael, Constantinopel).

The plan was to get some more knowledge about them and to give me some inspiration and an excuse to introduce them as homecoming Viking warriors in my Tree moss fantasy project. Hopefully they could be a colorful addition to my collection. 

Central Africa by Chris Peers with a thought it can give me some more knowledge when it comes to different tribes of Africa or just inspiration in general to my TribalAfrica project.

I just love the feel of the book; it feels good to touch the book. Strange feeling but it is really something special with a real book. 

The book has some neat pictures and some photos of real tribes. By first impression I can strongly recommend it, by content we will see but it looks promising.  


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  1. Nice, though I am only really interested in ancient warfare I might get that Varangian Guard book anyway!