Monday, 17 June 2013

Jötunn with forks in his hair.

Jötunn with forks in his hair.
Yup that’s right this lovely models got tiny forks in his hair. Odd thing to collect you may think but why not, he aint going to use them to eat with anyway.

I think the miniature was from Das Schwarze Auge, bought from Ral Partha Europe.
Nice miniature sculpted in a nice stile. The Jötunn is based on a double cavalry base from Renadra, 50x50 mm.

Here is a comparison picture for size with an plastic Hirdmen from Gripping Beast and my previously painted Jötunn.


  1. What stunning miniatures, great job sir.

  2. Very Nordic! Should fit in with your Olley Trolls and assorted viking types very comfortably. I must say I am envious of your gritty painting style. What is your secret?

    1. Haha! The CAPTCHA for the above comment was 'scandinavian htfterf'!