Tuesday, 4 June 2013

33e Regiment d`infanterie

 33e Regiment d`infanterie

I got some spare miniatures from that Warlord Games plastic box I painted and didn´t know what to do with them. I got 8 spare miniatures left from a previously painted unit. But then it hit me, I got spare officers from Victrix that maybe could be combined to a small unit. Some spare heads from Perrys plastic hussars was also put into the command stand.

I had an idea about white uniforms and when I found some picture references of 33rd infantry regiment I know these would be it. White and purple… What’s not to like…
These are painted to try to resemble an parade unit, in shiny uniforms and with two drummers to keep them in line.

I must say this unit was a real joy to pant from the first brush of paint to the last. I cant remember ever thinking that way about a Napoleonic unit, its always bogs down somewhere in the middle and get put in the “to finish the paintjob another day” pile…
So a small lesson from this, paint unusual units and choose a nice color pallets but most important of of all, keep the unit small…

In game terms in Black Powder I think I should rate them as line infantry, maybe veterans but with some special rules for marching or movement, “drilled” for example.

This was also a perfect opportunity to try out my brand new camera (finally got an new…). I haven’t tried out all those functions yet but hopefully you will see some better pictures from now on.

Here is the picture reference I used. 

And while I took these pictures I noticed a small hand that was getting interested in what I was doing…

And zooming out here we got the little one climbing on a small box for better reach.
Hmm, I notice now that I have dressed her in white and purple for the day... Splendid.. Matching my units..


  1. White uniforms are a bit difficult, and you did a great work with this one!

  2. Ah.. new camera. Does this mean a painting tutorial is upcoming? :)

    1. That is one of the plans... Anything special you want ?

  3. Very nice indeed, I do hope that you rescued them in time!