Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weglaf of Arnholdt's Hill

Weglaf of Arnholdt's Hill

Another hero for my Norsemen.
The miniature are from Red Box Games.
Im not sure what special rules to give him in the games I plan to use him but he sure looks like and stubborn fighter clad in scale armor and with a mighty hammer to smite his foes.

I painted the scale armor with just a small shade of blue, maybe it is a handy work of a dwarf.
And as a hero he can afford those fancy pants.

By the way, Tre is running an Kickstarter project to fund the casting on some new miniatures for Red Box Games. Do check it out if you havn´t allready.


  1. Stunning job, really like these.

  2. Great looking mini !

    Best regards Michael