Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bragi Boddason

Bragi Boddason 

I needed a skald to my Norsemen, who else would tell the tales of my heroes and the deeds they do.
Bragi Boddason could be one skald to represent and as its always nicer to name your miniatures that will be the name of this miniature in my games to come.

The miniature is from “Das Schwarze Auge” but were bought from Ral Parta Europe.

In Hail Caesar I think I will represent him as a character with 0 in command and attack but gives the unit he joins the Valiant special rule.

And here is a picture of how I did my John Bauer inspired backdrop. Just a piece of paper and some rather quickly drawn lines. But I liked it so much my miniatures indented to this project have their pictures taken against that backdrop.


  1. Brilliant! Great mini well executed.

  2. Greate looking minis !

    Love you backdrop !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. I really like this chap and I love your backdrop - very stylish, yet unobtrusive to the miniatures.