Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mongol Conquest - DBA IV/35

Mongol Conquest DBA IV/35

Now this is a lot of light horsemen…
This army could be really interesting to play. Im gueasing it will be a rather difficult army to play but if you roll a good pip dice you will own the battlefield.
The only option you got with the army composition with this army is to choose between a artillery piece or a Light horse.

Painting wise I thought brown… Brown primer and use that base color on as much I could. I added some other colors to create some irregularity mainly red and orange but wanted this army to look brown…
It was a rather quick army to paint up and I spent nowhere near the amount of time on it as the recently painted Kwarizmians but I am rather pleased with the end result none the less. 

Oh, and an army mainly composed of light horse means thats its not that many miniatures to paint wich is nice when you got tons of other miniatures in the lead mountain...


  1. Très belle armée la peinture est magnifique. A bientôt Christian

  2. Very nice looking troops, I do like this kind of mobile army...