Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Gubbspel Galore IV

I just wanted to make a heads up for the gaming convent Gubbspel Galore IV in Gothenburg in Sweden at the end of August as I plan to take most if not all my Treemoss fantasy stuff there to host some games.

More info about Gubbspel Galore IV can be found at the site or from "Silversixx" over at the LAF forum.

What this means is that this shit just got serious.
I will need to make me a fitting table with some fitting terrain pieces to match my miniatures. And I need to try to finish a lot of half painted miniatures and really try to focus on the whole Treemoss fantasy project.
And the rules and statlines will need some tinkering.

And a some scenarios to game could come in handy.

As I previously just hosted some local games at my club this is a big step up. Ive spent some time now reading about Viking warfare and mythology but the more I read the more I see how little I really know about it. But that’s the beauty about “historical” wargaming.
It’s a big difference in studying and remembering what colors or what name their chapter master got in the world of warhammer 40k then studying an actual event. This is history, well with some additions of trolls and their like…
The deadline for the games are the last weekend in August so I still got time to finish some nice stuff and test out some ideas.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck. Any ideas or pieces of inspiration that could help me is most welcome.
// Jonas

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  1. You Treemoss stuff looks amazing.go for it....