Thursday, 11 July 2013

More Runestones

I painted up some more of those lovly runestones from Fenris Games.

As most stones where covered in bright paint I thought it was just fitting to give them some propper paint.

Exactly what paint the Norsemen used is hard to know as time has removed allmost all traces of it but from insciptions on some stones (often runescriptions on the stones them selves, like: this stone was carved by Sven and painted by Kettil or something amoungs those lines..) and from other sources we know they was painted in bright collors.

The previusly painted stones can be found here:


  1. They look tremendous, I didn't realise that they would have been painted - wonderful stuff.

  2. Stunning !!!!

    They looking realy greate, perfect bruch work, very impressive !!!

    I want one to...

    Best regards Michael

  3. They look very good, great additions to the terrain side of things.

  4. Very impressive. That freehand work on those stones is great. Love the colours too. This project just gets better.