Monday, 15 July 2013

Vikinga Här

With the girlfriend away, or maybe more important the 15 month old daughter… I could make a sort of inventory for my self of my Norsemen collection spread out on the floor.

Here is something to feast your eyes on, my whole Här of Vikings that is painted at the moment.

The inventory gave me the numbers of what I have.

In Hail Caesar terms this will be the following.

1 small size unit of Thralls with javelins
1 standard size unit of Gestir
1 small size unit of villagers with dogs
3 standard size units of Hirdmen
1 small size unit of Hirdmen
1 small size of Varangian Guards
1 small size of Ulfhednar
1 small size of mounted Hirmen
1 standard size of Bondi with bows
2 standard size units of Bondi
1 small size unit of Christian monks trying to spread the word
4 Viking Chieftains or heroes
1 Skald

Thing I noticed is that I need to get more fitting movement trays and that I like multibases, so expect more multibases to come.

Other things I need is to get more light infantry, more archer or ranged troops, more Bondi with spears( Im waiting on an order of Gripping Beast Dark age warriors), more heroes or characters would be fun, more skalds, a unit or two of Huscarls, a sort of Norse priesthood or Völva and Im thinking on getting some Norsemen with more eastern oriented equipment.
And I need more Hirdmen, in short I think I need more of everything…

Is there any particular unit on your wish list for me to get?


  1. Now that is an impressive looking sight!

  2. Wow! It's always so impressive when you get to set all your figures out like that. Great looking army.

  3. Lovely collection... very impressive! Multi-bases are good fun.